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Jane Fine and Danny Rolph at Barbara Davis Gallery
Barbara Davis Gallery is pleased to announce “Shock & Awe”, an exhibition of new paintings by Jane Fine and “Hinterland” an exhibition of new paintings by Danny Rolph. The exhibitions opened April 29 th, 2006.

Jane’s paintings combine spontaneous, fluid pours of pure color with fantastical, elaborate doodlings. The overlapping relationship between these two very different languages creates a space where her off-beat and slightly menacing stories unfold. Jane shows at Pierogi 2000 in Brooklyn where she also lives and works.

Danny’s refreshing, up to the minute abstractions don’t offer a representation of reality, rather, a universally recognizable idea of it, reassembled into digestible shapes and hues. His organic forms, sharp angles and masterful palette create beautiful spaces of shallow depth along with the occasional glimpse into infinity. Danny lives and works in London.