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Shirine Gill / ephemeral textures - trame effimere
01/05/2010 - 30/09/2010

curated by francesco clerici
The photographs of Shirine Gill are works graced with impalpable textures. Captured in the fleeting instants of real time, they come to represent a timeless weave of light.

Her photographs have a primordial flavor and at the same time, recall the concerns of the antiquarian avant-garde. Her unique choice of techniques create pictorial compositions that delicately delineate soft spirals of colour. The fragile beauty of the 16 photographs in this exhibition give us a new reality of the unseen, reduced to the essence of movement and light.

The photographs proposed by AR / CONTEMPORARY ART of the artist born in Iran, offers a grouping of chimeric visual textures that are both abstract and evanescent; a series of images that the eye alone cannot fully perceive nor capture. These images do not provably exist but for the fleeting instant in which calm spools of light interweave. This is the instant in which Shirine Gill captures this fragile ephemeral beauty: calibrations of movements of lights across textures that orchestrate playful reflections. Her style is a unique and essential one, aspiring to catch the elusive interaction between the light and the subject in front, bringing about the pure moment in which reality transfigures itself, where Ephemeral becomes Texture.