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22/05/2008 - 18/07/2008

AR / Contemporary Gallery is pleased to announce a group show of works on paper by the artists of the gallery
Zipora Fried, Danny Rolph, Beth Brideau, Marc Quinn and Jennifer W. Reeves

A R / Contemporary Gallery is pleased to announce a group exhibition of works on paper by:
Danny Rolph, Zipora Fried, Beth Brideau, Jennifer Reeves e Marc Quinn.
From New York to Israel, stopping in London, these artists choose styles which contain different messages, however using the same unique support: paper.
The paper, which is a simple support and apparently poor, thanks to the ability of these artists, becomes the strong point of the work of art itself, being able to give us deep emotions and carried away in a new and curious world.

Beth Brideau

The huge pieces of paper containing irregularly painted color spots attract attention and open a window to another world. Upon closer view the abstract and expressive gestures become sensible analysis of nearly endless landscapes with forests and rivers. Stepping backwards, the monochrome watercolor paintings in the white exhibition space are like clouds in an open sky. And this is the escape route of Beth Brideau, a young, New York-based emerging artist.
(Oliver Tschirky, art critic and curator, lives and works in Zurich.)

Zipora Fried

… The purely formal idea of challenging the medium of drawing excited me, yet resulted in works that are not simply drawings. These graphite monochromes – sometimes reaching thirty feet in length – can take 3 to 5 months of daily labor. Their making places them somewhere between drawing, conceptual practice and performance. The lust for line trumps everything…..
(Zipora Fried, 2005)

Danny Rolph

I've come to view all my work on paper as unchartered voyages towards my subconscious. I feel paper is a wonderful receiver for my various processes and intuitions as I try to communicate my passions. Collage and drawing with various instruments across this surface have a highly charged independence, locating spaces between the physical and metaphysical.
(Danny Rolph, 2008)

Jennifer W. Reeves

There's a story somewhere in abstraction. I'm trying to find it. And, I think I'm not the only one.
(Jennifer W.Reeves,2008)

Marc Quinn

In May 2000, the artist exhibited at the Prada Foundation a huge installation with flowers. This installation gave him the inspiration for the Flower Series ; he then focalized the attention on some particulars of an entire subject, transforming them in large scale, which leaves the viewer in a delicate confusion … it is hard to define what is what… a strawberry, a leaf or a flower ?