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ROBERT KELLY / Recent works
27/10/2005 - 30/11/2005

AR / Contemporary Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of recent work by New Mexico born, New York based painter Robert Kelly.
Featuring an array of works from several of the artist’s ongoing series, the exhibition displays the bountiful yield of Kelly’s juxtaposition of line, form, and color, united by a unique process of concision and refinement.

From the sublimity of the Mimesis series, to the compression in the Nocturne paintings, Kelly’s work emerges from within a sensuous and rarefied surface, built upon layer after layer of archival newsprint. These overlays, affixed in irregular grids continuously refined and edited down, become a place in which to act out his compositional choices. Each painting thus stands as testimony to Kelly’s aleatory play with abstraction, held in elegant moments of perfect balance.

The subject of numerous exhibitions, Kelly’s work is included in several prestigious private collections, and represented in a number of museum collections including: the Brooklyn Art Museum, the Fogg Museum, the University of New Mexico Art Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts in Santa Fe, the Milwaukee Art Museum, and the Smith College Art Museum in Massachusetts, among others.