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15/03/2005 - 23/04/2005

Caution On Fire REACTOR is holding its first personal exhibition of the works of Joe Mancuso - works that challenge us with a new vision of contemporary art.
The exhibition presents artworks of exquisite formal beauty, dressed in abstraction, revealing a controlled elegance which the artist uses as a privileged viewpoint for looking at the culture of contemporary art.

Joe Mancuso works with modest materials (in both paintings and sculptures) which would not normally be identified with high art. The techniques he uses to create his works - latex, enamel, cement, brick and lumber - are all normally associated with construction work.

His most recent works go back to the pointillism of Seurat, paying homage to the simplicity of flowers with their pastel hues. In another recent group of canvases Mancuso skilfully plays with some of the works of Lichtenstein and Monet.

His inspiration is the classic image of the facade of Rouen Cathedral, dematerialised through Mancuso’s skilful use of “pointillisme”. His Cathedral series puts Pop Art parentheses around the Impressionist movements, with free Post-modernist appropriation of imagery and references from earlier art history.