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04/05/2005 - 04/06/2005

It sounds like a brand name for a pastry, one of those highly processed, pre-packaged American snacks.
A.A. Rucci's recent paintings are at first glance just as easily digestible. With frequent use of bright south Florida (where the artist lives) colors and fit bodies engaging one another in play and leisure, Rucci draws us into his playground. The tender, "supple" flesh of the female protagonist "Nicola" is exposed for us all to see. The approving, male gaze gleams at its brightest. However, there is an undercurrent of tragedy that cannot be ignored. The groupings and titles suggest a series of public humiliations, infidelity, and other alienations from Nicola and the world. The male characters are always on unsure footing, strangers in their own skin. They are "dutch". (American pronunciation for the Germans). The German-born, American artist Rucci invites us into his private sense of place, but is actually addressing our personal lives. Although we cannot be certain how he has managed to paint our flaws and insecurities, we cannot pull ourselves from the narrative, the surprise, happy ending that is common to American popular art, happy meals and snack treats has to be in there somewhere. Doesn’t it?