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ZIPORA FRIED / Works and Days
21/02/2006 - 25/03/2006

AR / Contemporary Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of selected works by New York-based artist Zipora Fried.
Featuring works from several ongoing series, the exhibition highlights the singular process by which Fried intensifies the potential of monochromatic form.

Fried’s graphite drawings and crossed-out texts, often on a remarkable scale, are made from an economy of means: a repetitive graphite mark collected over time. Yet the tenacity and effort needed to complete the works—sometimes three to four months—draws a unique kind of contemplative attention from a viewer. Her evocative drawings are filled with heavy lines turned into dark masses of graphite, objects created from the traces of their own making. Fried’s books also make use of such vigorous energy, with each sentence on every page of a text crossed out. Through such simple and atavistic gestures Fried unites traditional drawing with performance, as well as redefines the meaning of conceptual ‘work’.

Fried’s work is represented in a number of museum collections, including the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Albertina Museum of Graphic Art, The Tel Aviv Museum of Art, The Jewish Museum, Vienna. Magasin 3, Stockholm, and the Werner Kramarsky Collection.