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Danny Rolph / Simultaneous Dreams
01/11/2009 - 31/01/2010

AR / Contemporary Art is pleased to announce an exhibition of the 6 new Danny Rolph's collages "GBS 1-6". Milano via Marco Polo 11 tel. +39 02 4549 8902 Private View by appointment from monday through friday. New York 210 East 5 th Street. NY 10003 tel +1 212 671 1027 Private View by appointment.
George Bernard Shaw –
Irish play writer and a public commentator – political activist concerned with fracture existence, a certain parallel to Danny Rolp’s work, who has done an extensive research reading recently.

The 6 new collages "GBS 1-6" continue my studio investigation into how opposing ideas and sensations occupy the same space simultaneously, looking for questions in the instinctive arrangements of painted, drawn and found materials. These new collages possess an attitude, that, amongst their other visual qualities allows historical and fictional models to run against the test of contemporary experience. "GBS 1-6" seem to mirror my sense of the pace of existence, delivering through their transgressive graphics and colour an immersive optimism ? I am reminded of the words of Albrech Durer "whoever wants to do dream work must bring all things together".