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19/05/2009 - 30/06/2009

From the 1 st through 26 th of July 2009 Private viewing by appointment only via Marco Polo 11, Milano. Summer holydays: July 27 th through September 7 th. AR / Contemporary Art Via Marco Polo 11, Milano t. 02 4549 8902 / f 02 4549 8354 New York t. 212 671 1027 [email protected]
“Chaos it’s only an order you have to decipher”
Libro dei contrari

Zipora Fried, Federico Herrero, Volkan Diyaroglu, Robert Kelly, Boo Ritson, Danny Rolph, Beth Brideau, AA Rucci. Everyone tries to contain chaos with forms in their own personal way. A R / Contemporary Gallery hosts their dialogue between accelerations in explosions and static forms: the dialogue between CHAOS vs ORDER.

Federico Herrero paints big brushstrokes of humidity near the big bang’s explosion painted by Volkan Diyaroglu in A Beautiful Bomb 2: a strange form of chaos, at the same time centripetal and centrifugal.
Boo Ritson’s The rancher engraves reality with sculpture: the result is something between Andy Warhol and David Cronenberg's works, in which human skin becomes a pictorial material.
Danny Rolph’s chaotic confusion seeps – through the “twinwall” of his Pitt the Younger: modern time’s life is reflected with sounds, colours, forms and an unexpected flash of light that comes from childhood.
Zipora Fried, Robert Kelly and Beth Brideau create a traffic island in the middle of chaos with their “lost calligraphy’s”, where they are searching for Equilibrium.
Every work of art in the exhibition reflects a difficult attempt, that forces chaotic forms within the power of a gesture. Each Artist tries to decipher order in Chaos.