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Through The Star Gate
06/03/2008 - 30/04/2008

David Lachapelle, Boo Ritson, Danny Rolph
'The Star Gate opened. The Star Gate closed. In a moment of time too short to be measured, Space turned and twisted upon itself'.

AR Contemporary are pleased to announce the opening of a new three person exhibition 'Through The Star Gate'.
The exhibiting artists, all showing new work, are David LaChapelle, Boo Ritson and Danny Rolph.

Fantastical, altered realities are components which exist in the twisted spaces and characters that inhabit the work of LaChapelle, Ritson and Rolph. The strong, overtly pictorial, visionary elements are presented by these artists through the mediums of photography and painting.

All three artists have over the last decade or so developed highly unique languages that have taken viewers, writers and collectors by storm! Jamming the gears of orthodox critical appraisal along the way.

These highly charged, powerful works will offer, just like Dave Bowman in '2001 A Space Odyssey', us the way 'Through The Star Gate'!