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20/09/2007 - 20/10/2007

AR / Contemporary Gallery, Director Roberto Annicchiarico, and Galleria Paola Colombari, are pleased to announce the inauguration of the exhibition CONTEMPORARY INDIAN ART, dedicated to young tendencies in contemporary Indian art. Artists: Rachana Nagarkar, Tushar Potdar, Sakin Shinde and Kirann Telkar.
The works by four important young artists will be presented in the exhibition:

Rachana Nagarkar, Tushar Potdar, Sakin Shinde and the artist Kirann Telkar who is part of important international collections.

Caterina Corni, curator of the exhibition and talent-scout of Indian artists, will present a meaningful and careful selection of the new tendencies in contemporary Indian art.

The “New Indian Stile”, where tradition and cultural elements from the western world co-exist, which bring to life works full of symbolism that emphasise traditions, contradictions, sensations, colours and smells.
In the exhibition Rachana Nagarkar (Mumbai 1979) will present a bi-dimensional installation in which the use of the traditional painting technique is associated with an ultra modern support: the light box.
Twelve acrylics on canvas, which create “Chewing!Guns” are an explicit testimonial of the chaotic traffic of Mumbai.

Tushar Potdar (Mumbai 1979), will present works in which he combines realist painting with an architectural design, a definition of a space within a space, an unreal architectonic profile that overtakes a familiar environment.

Sachin Shinde (Mumbai 1980) he portrays scenes of every day life, the busy market streets of Mumbai, or the colourful ceremonies. “I try to capture the traditions of the Indian society: the sounds along the streets, in the squares, in every single room of every house in this city.”

Kirann Telkar (Mumbai 1968) He is particularly sensitive to the world that surrounds him. Every experience that touches his life takes an important part in the creation of his work. The atmosphere, the rhythm of sound, the music and fashion become primary elements in the process of his artistic creation. Kirann says: “I express my work in my attitude and my attitude in my work.”